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what is tableaux vivant?

The history of Tableaux vivant

and a wonderful site from New Orleans?

tableau vivant

/tablo vivɑ̃/

noun (pl) tableaux vivants (tablo vivɑ̃)

1. a representation of a scene, painting, sculpture, etc,
by a person or group posed silent and motionless

Word Origin

French: literally: living picture



noun, plural nexuses, nexus.


1. a means of connection; tie; link.

2. a connected series or group.




a self-evident truth that requires no proof.

once upon a time there was a ...

Mission: Creating beautiful, engaging art based on historical legends and folklore.


Project Description:  Rose and William combine photography, paintings, collage, and assemblages. Live models are used to create live paintings, known as Tableaux Vivants. Their goal is to use these tales to explore boundaries and barriers of traditional social identities.